Ch. 21 — E.T. Welcomes Russell and Alexander Allca

“Welcome back to Ethan Thomas 180°.

“In response to your many thousands of telephone calls, texts, and e-mails, we’re going to return to that story that we related to you last week.

“As you will remember, we told you about the discovery by a Florida family of an incredible ability to travel in time.

“First, though, we need to give you a little reminder of how this situation first came to light. Although we at NNN were all unaware of it, this family was involved in two important stories we brought you recently.

“NNN reported to you some time ago on the story of the near disaster at the coalmine in Paw Paw, WV.
“Also on the two U.S. Air Force F-16s that crashed into the Massachusetts Tower in Boston.

“Later we updated you to the effect that the family’s means of traveling in time was a high-definition TV, seemingly capable of taking the group to whatever point in time or destination was chosen.

“I should highlight for you the fact that the time-travel function was not deployed on either of these occasions, as the need was immediate and the operations both took place on a real-time basis.

“The portal, they also were amazed to find on an earlier operation, was able to pass through solid surfaces of every kind.

“By using this latter capability the family was able to penetrate the coal face at the Paw Paw mine and rescue 23 miners and transport them to the surface.

“At the fire in Boston, more than sixty people were invited into their recreation room by stepping right into the television screen, and then taken to the safety of ground level, right at the Mass Tower.

“You can probably imagine how eager every fire department and police chief is to obtain a franchise for one or more of these sets.

“This reporter was lucky enough to find the family and get this information for you exclusively on NNN.

“Before I introduce these folks to you, and tell you about an unusual opportunity for them that has now manifested itself, I want you to be fully apprised as to the potential for this most unusual System that our Florida family has found, and why.

“At the outset, though, I would like you to take note of two things that have really made this family stand out: 1) the integrity with which the System has been used; and, 2) the obvious base of principles and qualities upon which this couple has raised its offspring; children of whom the parents have every right to be very proud.

“Hopefully, every American family raises its children with such values in mind.

“Our Florida family calls this phenomenon the System. The reason for that is simple; no more fitting name has presented itself to them.

“They are continually looking for another title more suited to its functionality.

“If you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them along to us by e-mail to ‘, and we’ll be happy to relay them on.

“I’d like to propose a question to each of you out there, ‘What would you have done with it if this capability had dropped into your lap?’

“This device is able to penetrate solid material, like the rock face of that Paw Paw, WV mine, to rescue 23 miners trapped underground.

“Imagine what a simple thing it would be to simply fly that device through a few walls and into the Bureau of Engraving and Printing building, in Fort Worth, Texas.

“There would be no way to stop this family from looting the mint every week-end, and filling their Florida home with thousands of genuine twenty-dollar bills.

“These are unusually upright people! Like most Americans, we hope!

“That’s why it’s a waste of time asking: Why don’t they use their time-travel capabilities to go back to the 1930s and invest in a heap of blue-chip stocks? Back then they were valued at only a few cents each.

“The profits from such an endeavor would be peanuts compared to what could be the pickings from the vaults at Engraving and Printing.

“That uncommonly principled way of life has not gone unnoticed.

“I have been authorized by our legal department to tell you that NNN was contacted earlier last week by someone very special.

“This person has offered to act as a sponsor to this family.

“I can identify him to you tonight as Alexander Allca, the prominent Pennsylvania philanthropist.

“Mr. Allca telephoned NNN, and expressed extreme interest not so much in the capabilities of the household’s discovery as in the fact that there had been no profit-taking motive exhibited.

“Allca was very impressed by the selfless way in which the phenomenon had been handled. When he phoned NNN, he asked for a detailed report of the contacts that both the network and I have had with the Florida group.

“When he learned of the values that the group has observed, and the principles by which the parents have raised their children, Mr. Allca advised NNN that he is willing to act as sponsor the family.

“Mr. Allca has been moved by the family’s desire to use the phenomenon in order to benefit humankind in general.

“Because of this, he has advised NNN that he is taking the necessary legal steps to have $20 million from the Allca Foundation placed at the family’s disposal in order to allow it to develop the System for its humanitarian value.

“He has stated: ‘I have the greatest of confidence that these people will use this money to develop the huge humanitarian potential of this System that they have stumbled over.

“I have absolute trust in the family’s work and know that everyone will benefit from their continuing efforts to put this discovery to good use for all, not just a few.

“Right off the top of my head,” ET allowed, “I would imagine that there are many things someone in this group’s position would be able to do with $20m.

“For instance, that would make an excellent start to a non-profit organization that would be able to share this technology with others.

“There must be hundreds of areas in which people could make use of its capability.

“In addition to the monetary support, Mr. Allca has advised us that he is putting the entire resources of his own foundation at the disposal of this remarkable family.

“He acknowledges that a technology of this potential will have to be given the ultimate in protection to prevent it from falling into unworthy hands, and offers the services of his own organization to insure this.”


“You’ll be glad you joined us tonight, folks. We have the privilege of having with us this evening the gentleman who has stepped up to the plate to help our family to be able to establish an organization through which the System can be shared with humanity.

“It’s my pleasure to bring to you, in studio, Mr. Alex Allca.”

“Good evening, Mr. Allca. Welcome to NNN. We’re happy you were able to be here this evening.

“Can you explain to us how you learned about the System, sir?”

“Well, I was watching your earlier program here on National News when you explained how the family had used this phenomenon to intervene in the case of the Massachusetts Tower, and the coal mine in West Virginia a while ago.

“What was it that you found so fascinating that you wanted to help the family to be able to get a solid footing toward the goal of being able to deploy this for the good of the people of the world?”

“Well, it was really your report, Ethan. You made a point of highlighting the family’s qualities in the way that they had rather selflessly used the System in helping others.”

“What did you note about the two kids, how they had made use of the capabilities of their HDTV?”

“Those two were the ones who really impressed me. I was really taken by the way they worked together to be able to get the most out of their situation without a thought for themselves.”

“So, what have you decided to do? Toward the family, that is.”

“Well, the family indicated that it was unable to sustain the System’s development, even with help from the extended family’s members, and I thought that, because of their excellent characteristics, my own foundation might be able to grubstake the family so that the System can really hit the road.

“Frankly, Ethan, I don’t have a single doubt that they will use the sponsorship to the very best advantage. I am just anxious to see this phenomenon get busy helping the disadvantaged of mankind. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

“This report is being brought to you exclusively by Ethan Thomas 180°. In just a minute, we’ll bring you the family’s response to the fortune that is being sent in its direction to assist in the development of the System.”


Russell, off-camera, as agreed: “Mr. Thomas … Ethan. Could I start out by saying a warm ‘Thank you very much’ to you and the crew at NNN for all of us?

“The impression left with us is that you and your producer have handled this matter right from the start with a very mild-mannered spirit

“We certainly appreciate your professionalism in the care you took to make sure that you protected our privacy; and got down to the truth of what has happened and what the future might hold for the System.”

ET: “We thank you!”

“Yes,” Russell continues, “we are all aware of this most generous gift from Mr. Allca.”

“Could you share with us how this came about?”

“Well, his legal department has been in touch with our family lawyer for the last ten days or so, and they seem to have reached an accord on how all this could be worked out. The Allca Foundation is offering us a grant of $20,000,000 to get ourselves established.”

“That’s quite a sum of money to inherit. How do you think you will make use of the funds?” Ethan queries.

“Naturally, we won’t have the $20m deposited into our joint account, but we are going to have full access to whatever we need in order to develop the System. Fortunately, Mr. Allca has the same view of the future of this phenomenon as we do, so we have similar goals.” ET even notices the note of optimism in his voice.

Ethan, “As you know, sir, we are going out of our way to protect your identity. All we have done thus far is to identify your home state as Florida.”

“For the present we’d appreciate you keeping it that way.

“As you mentioned, it would be a simple matter for chaos to break out if the phenomenon were to get into the wrong hands.

“Eventually the word will get out, and I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Again, we thank you for your understanding.”

ET, “Now appreciate, of course, that I will not hold you to any of this, but what would you say might be the first steps you would take toward developing the System for wider use, sir?”

“Well, there are still many questions we’d like to have answers to, but, initially, we’re probably going to have to look at bullet-proofing the portal.”

ET, “What do you mean by that?”

Russell, still traveling incognito: “We still have no clue as to why this has happened to our TV.

‘Why we were chosen, out of the many millions of TV owners in the United States, to receive this opportunity, we are still trying to puzzle out.

“Our kids are firmly convinced that it’s a gift from heaven!

“The experiments we have carried out so far don’t offer any proof that this is true, by any means, but, certainly, things have fallen into place in a fascinating order.

“Anyway, to ‘bullet-proof’ it would mean that, while we have it up and running, we would like to do everything we can to protect it and keep it that way.

“Lightning strikes, for example, cable or satellite outages, power cuts, hurricanes and tropical storms; any one of these could cause us to lose the System.

“So those protective steps will have to be the first things that we look at, the very first steps.

“Also, we found that by putting two TV sets of the same format into close proximity to each other, the second set will take on the same characteristics as the System.

“I don’t know if you can picture the potential for that set-up, but, thinking about the Massachusetts Tower; two large-screen System TVs would have helped.

“We had only one set at that time. We could have positioned one on the roof where the folks were desperate to escape, and the other set at ground level.

“That way they would be able to get into our home through one, then step right into the second, and, presto, escape!

“As it was, we had to let them into our home and try to gently mislead them as to how they got there.

“In the meantime, my wife ‘flew’ the System, if you wish, down to ground level, so that they could get out of the same TV. That certainly would have made it less cumbersome.

“We have since added that second large-screen unit to help facilitate evacuations like that one.

“All we have in the way of System TVs at the moment are those two large-screen plasma sets, which we have been using for operations, and two 12” units that we have used for some primitive experiments.”

“What sort of experimentation have you done so far?”

“Just to see if we could enliven the additional TVs onto the System.

“That plus one or two other experiments with powering up and down, to see if the sets can be resurrected back to life again once they have been turned completely off.

“Other than that, the children ‘flew’ to the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings, Taipei-101, in Taipei, Taiwan, a few weeks ago.

“We took the portal there just for the sake of visiting somewhere to experiment with moving it around.

“I climbed out onto the peak of the tower, so that my wife would be able to see how easy it was, and to show her what the System looked like from ‘outside.’

“She wasn’t to be convinced, though, so I went alone.

“I reached back for my daughter’s digital camera, through one of the 12” TVs, and took it and made two photographs and a few seconds of video, just for perpetuity.

“I think I gave you a DVD of that trip, when you made your first visit to our home.”

“Yes, we’re screening that footage now, as you are speaking, sir.”

“Tell us, when I saw the System in your home, I noticed that in appearance it is like an ordinary TV when you’re looking at it from inside your rec room.

“What does it look like from the other side?”

“It’s like a dull glow. In shape, it’s somewhat like a window.

“It can only just be seen at night; it’s certainly not a glaring brightly lit object.

“In daylight, it’s hard to see unless you’re actually looking for it.

“As an example, when our SUV was stolen from outside our home some weeks ago, without ever leaving our rec room, my teenaged daughter was able to give chase.

“She used the TV to follow the car down the highway at sixty miles an hour.

“She ‘helicoptered’ to a position immediately in front of our stolen vehicle, rotated our view 180°, so that we were now traveling in reverse!

“Despite the full highway speed, we were able to take high resolution photographs and video of the bad guy driving our automobile with our Florida tags on it.”

“Thanks for that. As you’re speaking, we’re screening the video and the photographs using a split-screen format.

“We have pixilated out the face of the sinner, and the tags, to protect your identity.”

“Although we were only about twenty feet in front of him, he had no clue that we were there.”

“How did your local police respond to the video and the photos?”

“The desk sergeant said that this was the best evidence he had ever seen in a GTA case. He was just a tad curious as to how we came up with such clear video … and those photographs just blew them away.

“All the cops in the station gathered around for a look. It was the best laugh they had had in a long time.”

“Thank you for your input tonight, sir. We’ll be looking out for more reports of your operations in the days ahead.

“In the meantime, we invite all of you, our viewers, to keep watching NNN for the very latest news and reports of special events such as we have been able to bring you this evening.

“I’m Ethan Thomas for ET 180º wishing you a good night.



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